CARAVAN WEST was formed
to enable producers to
accurately depict the Old West
without sacrificing creativity for
budgetary concerns.
As a COACH, Susan helps
you use Energetic Principles
to ground your Vision in Life
Experience.  The resulting
Action steps will move you to
the next level of your personal,
professional and financial
About Us
An independent licensed Life Success Consultant and a business partner of Bob
Proctor and Life Success Productions, Susan provides seminars, presentations,
group and 1-on-1 coaching and FREE MasterMind groups to assist individuals,
organizations and communities achieve their goals.
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Susan Sherayko works as a line producer and production manager on programs
that appear on PBS/KCET, National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channels,
as well as features.   She is available to provide professional services for a fee to
the entertainment industry for Budget Preparation, Breakdowns, Schedules,
Cash Flow and related support documentation required for financing.  Susan can
assist in developing a Business Plan to help take a project from Idea to
.    Susan produced Cody: An Evening with Buffalo Bill which was a
finalist in the Santa Clarita International Film Festival.
Most recognized as Texas Jack in the movie Tombstone, Peter Sherayko is also
widely acclaimed for his portrayals of Buffalo Bill, performing the one-man show
Cody: An Evening with Buffalo Bill throughout the U.S., on chataugua and in
Germany.  A recognized historian and author, Peter is best known for his work
on Western movies like
Tombstone and television programs like Wild West Tech
for the History Channel where his passion for the West and Westerns is clearly
reflected. The performer and entrepreneur served as technical consultant and
supplier to programs such as
The Truth of Jesse James and Billy the Kid for the
Discovery Channel and
Deadwood for HBO.   

Caravan West is Peter's brainchild providing one stop shopping for the Old West
since 1988. Caravan West provides wardrobe, props and set dressing, weapons,
horses and other livestock, period saddles and tack, wagons, Indian dressing,
and tipis, as well as the Buckaroos, historically correct performers and crew
available to provide the specialized services a period Western requires including
gun and riding coaching, armorers, wranglers, stuntmen, prop masters, and
costumers.  For more details, check out

Peter teamed with his wife Susan to write the critically acclaimed book,
Tombstone: The Guns and Gear.  Their ranch and 1700 nearby acres are
available as a frontier town location for the Western period piece.  
Peter's performances of
Cody: An Evening with Buffalo Bill, At Your Service and
The Guns of Billy the Kid are available on CD or DVD.  
Awarded for producing the Producers Guild of America seminars on a monthly
basis for 5 years, Susan is a member of the AP Council Board of Delegates at
the PGA and is a former member of the National Board of Directors.  She is a
member of the Nonfiction Peer Group, Academy of Television Arts and
Sciences, Spiritual Directors International, and an affiliate of the International
Foundation of Integral Psychologists.  She holds certificates for 3 years training
in Psychosynthesis with Vivian King, is a Reiki therapist and an ordained deacon.
 For information, email
CONTACT US AT 661-268-8300